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Mortgage Loan Inspection

A Mortgage Loan Inspection (MLI) is a land surveyor's professional opinion, based on preliminary information, of the relative location of the apparent boundary lines of a parcel of land. An MLI is NOT a full Boundary Survey. An MLI is required by your lender in order to obtain title insurance covering certain boundary-related problems. This coverage does not apply to you. An MLI is prepared for your lender's use, not your own. You should not use the results of an MLI for any use which requires the physical location of your boundaries (such as the building of a shed, garage, etc).

During a Mortgage Loan Inspection, a surveyor will:
1. review the current deed description
2. approximate field measurements
3. draft a rough sketch of the parcel

this information is adapted from
Van Note, Bruce A. "Question and Answers about Mortgage Loan Inspections: What they are and what they are NOT" Maine Society of Land Surveyors, 1989.