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Boundary Survey

A Boundary Survey is a determination by a land surveyor of the outer limits or perimeter of a tract of land. A Boundary Survey is often needed before purchasing real estate, before sub-dividing a parcel of land, or before constructing buildings or other improvements (sheds, pools, etc) on a property.

Taking the time to have a boundary survey done can save you the hassle and expense of a boundary dispute in the future.

During a Boundary Survey, a surveyor will:
1. Research all available information on the property and abutting parcels in the Registry of Deeds and local records. Deed records in Maine can go back several hundred years.
2. Conduct a field survey. This will involve the location of existing boundary markers and making a series of measurements. GPS data may also be recorded.
3. Evaluate and interpret research and field data
4. Set new boundary markers where needed.
5. Prepare a scale plan (map) of the survey.
6. Prepare a report.

What does a Boundary Survey cost?
A boundary survey's expense will depend mostly upon the complexity of the survey and the size of the property and its terrain. To give a proper estimate, the surveyor will need to have sufficient information on the property to be surveyed and complete information as to your requirements and reasons for performing the survey. Please contact us for more information.

This information was adapted from "Questions and Answers about Boundary Surveys" written and published by the Maine Society of Land Surveyors